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Servers and Workstations

C&CZ manages ca. 900 Linux workstations and servers, and ca. 900 servers and workstations with MS-Windows, primarily in the domain science.ru.nl. Dual boot Windows/Linux machines are counted twice.


C&CZ manages (for departments) workstations with Ubuntu Linux or MS-Windows. There are also workstations in the PC-rooms and Study area for general use by anybody with a Science login, but also by all RU employees and students and guests with a temporary login. Almost all those machines are dual boot, the user can choose to boot Ubuntu Linux or MS-Windows.

Linux login servers

A few secure shell servers are available for Students and Staff of the Faculty (everyone with a Science account). You can use it just as you like, *as long as you do not cause problems for other users*.

The primary login server can be reached with the following address:


The name of the backup login server is:


At the moment, lilo points to a machine called lilo5. Stitch points to lilo4. A newer lilo6 exists, running Ubuntu 18.04, it is not the default, because the default desktop Linux is Ubuntu 16.04, which is installed on lilo5.

The ssh fingerprints for lilo4, lilo5 and lilo6 are:

1024 4b:6e:08:65:71:e5:ed:0a:02:c3:20:94:8e:9d:45:00  root@lilo4 (DSA)
2048 aa:ad:c0:2e:60:9d:d3:cd:ca:a4:59:7d:d0:d8:4c:68  root@lilo4 (RSA)
 256 9b:13:04:01:c6:f3:3b:a7:d8:f4:54:fa:20:f1:38:b0  root@lilo4 (ECDSA)
 256 09:06:ac:84:d9:54:3c:e1:0e:04:68:ff:26:9c:08:93  root@lilo4 (ED25519)
1024 MD5:2c:ae:19:79:9c:23:7b:f3:d0:49:7a:cb:fa:30:68:c5  root@lilo5 (DSA)
1024 SHA256:g/LY9oywiXFi5jrO93JFImvm5fwYrRxlloefHH1yU2s   root@lilo5 (DSA)
2048 MD5:66:18:8e:fa:bd:d9:83:91:86:f3:0e:35:d1:f5:31:2a  root@lilo5 (RSA)
2048 SHA256:VK8+B+OuT+n8JSjoy9uWYw5COb+cZ+01S/pWiAteEtA   root@lilo5 (RSA)
 256 MD5:7d:08:27:61:ac:c8:f1:05:4f:c9:91:2a:83:e5:c3:4f  root@lilo5 (ECDSA)
 256 SHA256:NeO+rdPufkFYEgLs6YMWPvMJzOBK9pNlxdjMJzK3OBY   root@lilo5 (ECDSA)
 256 MD5:a4:6c:15:3b:c8:01:7f:d2:65:89:74:c6:32:7f:7e:c6  root@lilo5 (ED25519)
 256 SHA256:zViYANQchkRs6QNPSSoxOkVyA8Ixe7aZCvzcSQEZK7s   root@lilo5 (ED25519)
1024 SHA256:JVE0FA1fFGtzbuqP1D6cW8V3fkmqxdCL5H3xRMsiJxc   lilo6 (DSA)
2048 SHA256:c+kPQDMuzf+1uKIJt8RIFOUume0Z1g2UjUOpxXXyCuY   lilo6 (RSA)
 256 SHA256:dRvKM7qcQF8wGZZofYT3/JbSGUXA3l3nadzzqrHvWhE   lilo6 (ECDSA)
 256 SHA256:5PBNahtMibQTmjQgDlBM4OVEJ4fo9vJv/4JTJ1XfXB8   lilo6 (ED25519)
1024 MD5:e7:2c:39:51:18:7a:17:26:c8:55:a1:f8:61:5d:fa:d8  lilo6 (DSA)
2048 MD5:f9:8a:5f:16:7b:2b:6c:42:26:78:c5:bc:a3:94:ed:33  lilo6 (RSA)
 256 MD5:d6:2a:8b:7a:7d:ab:f6:4b:99:5c:9f:be:1e:98:ae:0e  lilo6 (ECDSA)
 256 MD5:39:6c:c9:da:a6:3b:3b:48:0e:a0:26:b5:7a:ea:a6:89  lilo6 (ED25519)

Restricted ISP's

In case you are behind a firewall that does not permit outgoing connections to the standard ssh port 22: our login servers also allow ssh connections to ports 80 and 443.

Windows terminalserver

Some applications require a PC with MS Windows installed. If you use another operating system, you can make use of a Windows Terminal Server.

Compute servers/clusters

C&CZ manages a number of compute clusters, with compute nodes that departments have purchased. In a few cases, departments have created a separate cluster by also purchasing their own head node (master). The largest cn-cluster also has a node purchased by C&CZ, so FNWI departments may use that after approval by C&CZ. For departments of FNWI the housing and management of clusternodes is free of charge. The cn-cluster is heterogeneous. The newest nodes have SLURM as cluster software, other nodes wil be moved from Torque / MAUI to SLURM. As of February 2018, the cn-cluster totalled 60 nodes with 1560 cores and 8 TB RAM. Several clusternodes have a GPU with CUDA cores. The CPU-load of the clusternodes is being monitored.

The Astrophysics coma cluster with 920 cores, 7360 GB RAM, 600 TB fileserver storage, GPU's and Infiniband interconnect is a separate cluster. Separate clusters are also managed for the RU departments Centre for Language Studies en Donders Centre for Cognition.

Sometimes outside of opening hours also the pcs in the computer labs are used as a compute cluster.

Mail server

On the Do-It-Yourself website each user can see which mail server will store incoming mail for his account. Mail can be accessed with IMAP over SSL. The use of POP3 is supported, but not advised. In every domain managed by C&CZ the alias smtp.science.ru.nl points to the machine that accepts mail with the SMTP-protocol. N.B.: If one uses a (non-RU) Internet provider, our mail server will only accept mail for our (RU) mail-addresses. Most other mail will not be accepted ("Relaying Denied!"). One can prevent this by using the smtp-server of the Internet-provider or by using Authenticated SMTP.

WWW servers

There are several WWW-servers with websites and web applications. A description of the Apache webserver setup is available.

GitLab servers

The GitLab service provides a source code collaboration platform, git repository manager, issue tracker and code reviewer.

The ssh fingerprints for gitlab:

1024 SHA256:9TCA0SVkZggOx7HbE1Smj4f5I1vVC/a/0bljBTvLVII  (DSA)
 256 SHA256:BSSXi19WgCSpZu5AQkUTtwm+5zAMioQJpFE3oxBrIMQ  (ECDSA)
 256 SHA256:7G/4WD/tUE8H0k9MkBznlcx+ZWgUxnn3KazKm1XQwRk  (ED25519)
2048 SHA256:NgZ9HciXlwG5JNPSFbem7bBbDbhqaNAO7JHag8rwi/I  (RSA)
1024 SHA256:FX1LXQ+oW7e6E8yQUulxTsysd35hhEwaoqejZiPUFCI  (DSA)
 256 SHA256:pBFiBobAQTozB0xeeMCp3Du2PFtX7YIXw6XRFJSAGH0  (ECDSA)
 256 SHA256:iWfwGvGZ/hdFImBzzG5Bu/y5gqhUkLOdSTYmzl1+k2w  (ED25519)
2048 SHA256:lWWFUfhwODG0bBuQJUR8ymlVfqpNHrXk0xbFAoDpTIg  (RSA)

Printer servers

Several servers are used to print jobs. See the printer webpage to see which server is advised in which situation.

Disk servers

These servers share different types of files, e.g. home-directories, application-software and disks for departments and groups. All modern servers only have redundant disks, sometimes by using "mirroring", sometimes by use of a "RAID-array". That means that loss of only 1 disk will not cause any problem for users.

For more information, e.g. about renting disc space for departments, see our disc space page.

VPN server

To make it possible for users anywhere on the Internet to use servers and services as if one is connected to the campus network, a VPN service is available.

FTP server

To make the transfer of large files to others simple, there is an FTP service. It can be accessed through the original FTP protocol as well as through the web HTTPS protocol. Anyone with a Science-account who acquired a directory on this server through postmaster, can copy files to that directory in several ways:

  • by logging in to a login server like lilo in /vol/ftp/pub/yourdirectory.
  • by attaching the network drive: \\ftp.science.ru.nl\ftp

By using an unreadable upper directory containing a secret directory, one can even transfer somewhat sensitive data.

License servers

For several software packages there is a license server, that allows use of the software on all pc's, while making sure that the total number of licenses uses is not more than what has been bought. Most of these license servers use FlexNet by Flexera.

Backup servers

Almost all disks that are managed by C&CZ, are being backupped regularly, in order to be able to restore data in case of small or large calamities.