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About GitLab

GitLab logo

Quote from the GitLab website

GitLab is an incredibly powerful open source code collaboration platform, git repository manager, issue tracker and code reviewer.

Logging in

Navigate to:

You'll see two login options:

  • Science login - for students and employees of the Science Faculty. Use your Science login.
  • Standard - for external users.


Migrating from Subversion

Inspired by this short manual, an SVN to git conversion could boil down to something like:

cd /tmp/
git svn clone --no-metadata -A users.txt
cd myproject
git remote add gitlab :scienceloginname/myproject.git
git push --set-upstream gitlab master

Git URLs (https and ssh) are shown on the top of the project page in gitlab. The generic repository URL for the science SVN server is:{repository}

You can also see this for public svn repositories on (viewing private repositories requires authentication).