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Instellingen e-mail via IMAP (beveiligd)
{| class="wikitable"
| Inkomende mailserver
| post.science.ru.nl  (SSL poort 993 / TLS poort 143)
| Uitgaande mailserver
| smtp.science.ru.nl (TLS poort 587)
| Gebruikersnaam
| Uw science loginnaam
| Wachtwoord
| Uw wachtwoord
Default configuration choises for a mail client are:
To read mail the preferred protocol is IMAP. The POP protocol can still be used, but not all messages will be found.
Using IMAP encryption via SSL or TLS is mandatory! For POP one has to use SSL encryption!
The server for reading email is the post.science.ru.nl. You will need your FNWI loginname and password.
The server for sending emails is the smtp.science.ru.nl. You do not need a loginname or password if used from the Huygens building. Outside the Huygens building you will need your loginname and password and encryption via TLS is mandatory. More info can be read at Authenticated SMTP.
For sending email one can often choose a port number. Choose port 587 (instead of poort 25), and messages will not be filtered! Sending mail will be faster, but also it will be possible to attach .zip or .exe files. Authentication is mandatory now!
The LDAP addressbook server is ldap1.science.ru.nl with DN: o=addressbook.

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