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  • GSM One can buy GSM's through C&CZ telephony management.

It should be noted that the construction of the Huygens building seriously hinders GSM-traffic.

To forward your internal phone number to your GSM, have the telephony contact person of your department send an email to , with as content the internal phone number, the GSM-number and the KOSTENPLAATSNUMMER (account number) of the department. After C&CZ telefoonbeheer has done the programming, the user can switch to FOLLOW-ME by pressing *22 and DONT-FOLLOW-ME with #22. It is technically not possible to program a follow-me 06-number from the phone itself.

  • Peripherals

If you have an analog connection, normally telephony management supplies a simple phone for rent. The user can decide to spend his own (departments) money to connect a different OK-ed" phone, wireless (DECT) set, answering machine or fax machine. In case of troubles with this equipment, one should contact the supplier, not C&CZ telephony management, it is impossible to support the diversity of all peripherals.

You are not allowed to connect something different to a digital connection! The PABX-interface is only usable by the phones we supply. The connection of different hardware can damage the PABX (phone switch) and the connected hardware.

Please note: Never disconnect a digital phone or network-adapter from its connection without consulting telephony management. It is absolutely impossible to move a phone by yourself! This will never work, you might only cause damage.