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Changes in IT services

On September 1, 2009 GDI (Gebruikersdienst ICT) was formed by combining the former Computer Support Groups (COG's) of the various faculties and clusters of our university. Because of the special role of IT for FNWI, C&CZ continued to exist as the IT service group for FNWI.

Based on a formal decision of the University's Executive Board all standard workstations and student PC's campus wide will be transferred to GDI. C&CZ will remain responsible for all other IT services in this faculty.

Users will be informed in time about the consequences of these changes. The service will change and will be described in a service level agreement.

Until the takeover, which will take place in steps, C&CZ will remain responsible for all IT services for FNWI and will remain reachable through the well known channels.

Migration OBP PC's

The transfer of the PC's of the Personel Department (P&O) started in the middle of September 2011. At the moment the project is in the acceptation phase. GDI expect that the transfer of the P&O PC's will be completely ready by the middle of October. After the evaluation the other service departments of FNWI will follow in the following order: IHZ, FEZ, CVI, OWC, FB/Faculty bureau.

Computer labs

GDI will synchronise the installation and configuration of the PC's in the computer labs to the student PC's elsewhere on the campus. GDI's PC management model provides a Windows desktop environment with a virtualised Linux box on top of it.

The transfer of management and support of the computer lab PC's will take place in three steps.

  • Test Phase. First 4-5 PC's will be configured according to the new setup and will be made available to a limited group of test users (students and teachers). Please contact C&CZ if you would like to participate. Note however that there is room for a limited number of test users: first come, first serve.
  • Pilot Phase. After the test phase and acceptation the new setup will be rolled-out in the Library of Science and the 'Studielandschap' so that all users can acquaint themselves with it.
  • Roll-out Phase. If this all functions well a roll-out in all computer labs will be done.

There is no definitive time table for the whole project yet but GDI will have the test-PCs ready by the beginning of November. The test phase will take place throughout November.