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Email codes overview


This is an email in which students are requested to participate in the digital course evaluation.

  • Recipients? All students that are registerd in OSIRIS for the exam of the corresponding course.
  • When? On the day of the exam (around 17:00).





This is an email by which the course coordinator is notified that the student course evaluation is completed (and can be found in the course file) and that subsequently the teacher evaluation form can be submitted to the course file.

  • Recipients? The course coordinator.
  • When? When the student course evaluation is completed, typically two weeks after the exam.

For more information on the course file, please, refer to
The teacher evaluation form can be found at the page




  • Aan wie? Gebruikers van de webmaildienst
  • Wanneer? Als er bij het instellen van Filters in roundcube bestaande sieve filters worden aangetroffen.
  • Waarom? Bestaande filters zijn wel actief maar worden niet weergegeven in roundcube.
  • Wat te doen? Verwijder de sieve filters en stel ze opnieuw in met roundcube. Zegt dit u niks, neem contact op met C&CZ!