Domeinnaam registratie

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C&CZ has obtained a partner account at domain name registrar QDC, allowing us to register a .nl, .com, .org or .eu domain name quickly and easily. Many other extensions are possible but sometimes at significantly higher cost. The (technical) administration of such a domain name is controlled by C&CZ (the C&CZ Internet domain name servers). In this way Radboud University Nijmegen becomes the owner of the domain name instead of an individual employee of a department).

The (yearly) costs of the registration of a domain name will normally be paid by C&CZ, at least for departments within the Faculty of Science.

  • For new domain names: please send an email to with the required information
  • For existing domain names: it is possible to relocate existing domain names (to C&CZ/QDC), but this involves some additional paperwork. Please contact C&CZ System Administration or send an email to
  • Signed SSL Certificates for these domain names can also be acquired through C&CZ by sending a mail to postmaster.