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The diskspace on C&CZ servers can be used from all kind of C&CZ servers and personal computers, but also from other PCs or even from home with WinSCP or VPN. Almost all disks that are managed by C&CZ, are being backupped regularly, in order to be able to restore data in case of small or large calamities.

Home directories

Every user with a Science login has or is entitled to an amount of disc space of a few hundred megabyte on a server. This disc space is called the "home-directory" on Unix/Linux computers and the "H- or U-drive" on Windows-computers. The location of this homedirectory (which server) can be viewed on the Do-It-Yourself website.

Netwerk schijven

Diskspace for groups/institutions: there are a few RAID arrays with 90 GB or at least 180 GB partitions, that can be rented for 90 and 180 euro excl. VAT per year. One or more folders on such a partition can be mapped as a network drive on Windows PCs or NFS-mounted on Unix/Linux hosts. The ability to read and/or write files on these folders can be limited to a group of logins.
C&CZ has bought a 3 year warranty for these RAID arrays and has spares on site, so a failure can be solved quite fast. Because it is a RAID-array, the failure of 1 single disk will not give a disruption of service for users. The partitions are backed up (daily and incremental). Even in the case when the whole computer room is lost, data can (eventually) be restored. Note: the more expensive RAID arrays on which C&CZ stores the home directories of most employees are even more reliable and have a 4 hour support contract even outside of business hours.

Naming example

Volume name myvol
Windows path \\myvol-srv\myvol
Linux path /vol/myvol