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The diskspace on C&CZ servers can be used from all kind of C&CZ servers and personal computers, but also from other PCs or even from home with WinSCP or VPN. Almost all disks that are managed by C&CZ, are being backupped regularly, in order to be able to restore data in case of small or large calamities.

  • Every user with a Science login has or is entitled to an amount of disc space of a few hundred megabyte on a server. This disc space is called the "home-directory" on Unix/Linux computers and the "H- or U-drive" on Windows-computers. The location of this homedirectory (which server) can be viewed on the Do-It-Yourself website.
  • Diskspace for groups/institutions: there are a few RAID arrays with 90 GB partitions, that can be rented for 135 euro excl. VAT per year. One or more folders on such a partition can be mapped as a network drive on Windows PCs or NFS-mounted on Unix/Linux hosts. The ability to read and/or write files on these folders can be limited to a group of logins.
    C&CZ has bought a 3 year warranty for these RAID arrays and has spares on site, so a failure can be solved quite fast. Because it is a RAID-array, the failure of 1 single disk will not give a disruption of service for users. The partitions are backed up (daily and incremental). Even in the case when the whole computer room is lost, data can (eventually) be restored. Note: the more expensive RAID arrays on which C&CZ stores the home directories of most employees are even more reliable and have a 4 hour support contract even outside of business hours.

  • To cooperate (share files etc.) with other employees and students of other universities Surfgroepen can be used for free, even external persons can join.