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DIY: Do-It-Yourself selfservice for Science logins

By logging in on the Do-It-Yourself website one can view the settings of the Science login and change most settings.

  • On the main page one sees e.g. the personnel number or student number, the path to the homedirectory network disk and the personal mail addresses.

  • By choosing password one can cahnge the password. The new password has to contain at least 6 characters, at least 1 needs to be a digit and one has to use 1 character that is neither a letter nor a digit. The password is used for services like attaching network drives or network printers, for the Science wireless network, for receiving e-mail from a C&CZ mailserver, for sending mail with authenticated smtp and for the editing of the wiki through the OpenID service.

On the Do-It-Yourself website one can choose "printing". Then one can see the print budget which can be used on the C&CZ-budgetted printers. If one can print from several budgets, one can choose the default budget. A recent change is that one can be the "owner" of a budget group. In DIY the possibility to change the budget group appears, the owner can specify who can print from this budget. For departmental printers in general only 1 budgetgroup will be used to specify who may print on this printer. One can also see the last 20 print jobs of this budget (or on this departmental printer). A budget group can have several owners. Each owner can add or remove other owners.