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DIY: Do-It-Yourself selfservice

On the Do-It-Yourself website one can choose "printing". Then one can see the print budget which can be used on the C&CZ-budgetted printers. If one can print from several budgets, one can choose the default budget. A recent change is that one can be the "owner" of a budget group. In DIY the possibility to change the budget group appears, the owner can specify who can print from this budget. For departmental printers in general only 1 budgetgroup will be used to specify who may print on this printer. One can also see the last 20 print jobs of this budget (or on this departmental printer). A budget group can have several owners. Each owner can add or remove other owners.

It was already possible to maintain mail aliases (sometimes called "mail distribution lists") and Unix groups (for access to network shares, directories, websites, ...) through DIY.