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How can I access my course file?

Usually, it has already been arranged that lecturers are able to access the course file from their working spaces. The course file is an external shared disk which can be attached in the following ways:


At ‘File Explorer’, choose the option ‘Map Network Drive’, and type in file:// and pick your drive letter of choice. By doing so, you will link up the network disk to your local computer. The next options are also possible to get a more limited set of courses:

General file://
Biology file://
Computing Science and Information Science file://
Isis file://
Molecular Life Sciences file://
Mathematics and Physics & Astronomy file://


Courses with the codes NWI-Bx and -TWM: file://
Courses with the codes NWI-fxxx and -GCSE: file://
Courses with the code NWI-Ixxx: file://
Courses with the codes NWI-MOL and -SM: file://
Courses with the code NWI-Nx: file://

Outside the Faculty of Science, the server can be reached via file:// In case you are staying at home or outside of the Radboud University and cannot access the course file, you should first create a connection with VPN (see below for more information). Then, link the course files folder to your computer according to the usual procedure. For creating a connection with VPN, there are two possibilities:

The Faculty of Science VPN server. For further explanation and manuals, please see: The Faculty of Science’s VPN server has the advantage that no extra software needs to be installed, but the downside, however, is the slow speed of the server when it is used by multiple users at the same time. The RU VPN server. For more information and manuals, please see: The advantage of the RU VPN server is the more stable speed, but it has the disadvantage that it requires software to be installed. Linux users can use the alternative way to login with ‘ssh’ on lilo4/lilo5, followed by a cd to/vol/cursusdossiers.

Information concerning access to a network disk can be found on the website of the C&CZ, of which Ben Polman is the administrator.