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How can I access my course file?

The course files is an network disk that can be attached on campus. Off-campus, VPN must be used to attach this network disk. More info on how to attach a network disk and on using VPN is available. Linux users have the alternative to login with ‘ssh’ on the Science loginserver lilo, followed by a cd to /vol/cursusdossiers.


At ‘File Explorer’, choose the option ‘Map Network Drive’, and type in file://cursusdossiers-srv.science.ru.nl/cursusdossiers and pick your drive letter of choice. By doing so, you will link up the network disk to your local computer. The next options are also possible to get a more limited set of courses:

General file://cursusdossiers-srv.science.ru.nl/cdAlgemeen
Biology file://cursusdossiers-srv.science.ru.nl/cdBiow
Computing Science and Information Science file://cursusdossiers-srv.science.ru.nl/cdOii
Isis file://cursusdossiers-srv.science.ru.nl/cdIsis
Molecular Life Sciences file://cursusdossiers-srv.science.ru.nl/cdOmw
Mathematics and Physics & Astronomy file://cursusdossiers-srv.science.ru.nl/cdWinst


Courses with the codes NWI-Bx and -TWM: file://cursusdossiers-srv.science.ru.nl/cdbiow
Courses with the codes NWI-fxxx and -GCSE: file://cursusdossiers-srv.science.ru.nl/cdisis
Courses with the code NWI-Ixxx: file://cursusdossiers-srv.science.ru.nl/cdoii
Courses with the codes NWI-MOL and -SM: file://cursusdossiers-srv.science.ru.nl/cdomw
Courses with the code NWI-Nx: file://cursusdossiers-srv.science.ru.nl/cdwinst