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The copiers are under the supervision of C&CZ. The local supervising person should be contacted in case of minor problems and when paper or staples are needed. If the local contact person is not available, contact C&CZ directly: 56666 .

Overview of the copiers:

Serial number Location make/type Specialities Contact person Telephone
83208 HG00.011 Oce 3045b Analoog Ton Huijink 52567
14624 HG00.113 Oce-3018 Analoog Elma de Laat 53002
2799 HG00.134 Oce 3012 Analoog Yvonne Mulder 52247
15640 HG00.089 Oce 3018 Analoog CCZ 56666
50225 HG00.201 Oce 3018 Analoog Hans van Driel 52480
39217 HG00.548 OCe 3045 Analoog Yvonne van Dalen 52367
2232 HG00.601 Oce 3165e Digitaal Karin van der Veer 53342
6042 HG01.002 Oce 3018 Analoog Peter Charpentier 52417
75039 HG01.089 Oce 3165e Digitaal Ine Meijer 53446
13176 HG02.002 Oce 3018 Analoog Janny Rullmann 52701
15528 HG02.029 Oce 3018 Analoog Wim Atsma 53241
41505 HG02.089 Oce 3045 Analoog Maria Cantore 52733
42492 HG03.002 Oce 3045 Analoog Maria Versteeg 53389
16232 HG03.032 Oce 3018 Analoog Marian de With 52678
13397 HG03.089 Oce 3045 Analoog Wim Janssen 52097
7879 KB37 (Kassen Botanie)* Oce 3012 Analoog Gerard van der Weerden 52883
4413 ML02.15 (Magnetenlab)* Oce 3018 Analoog Ine Verhaeg-Peeters 52087
3896 N1016 Oce 3045 Analoog J. de Wit 53341
1733 AS025 Oce 3018 Analoog CCZ 56666
15360 A2053G Oce 3018 Analoog Mark van Mullekom 52815

* These copiers may be used only by authorised staff of the department.


The usage of the copiers is not free of charge. Copycards may be bought at the UFB stockroom (AS017) and in the library.

Binding, cutting, stapling, punching

In the FNWI library one may buy melt binders with various thicknesses in order to bind reports in the laminating apparatus. Also a cutting machine, a 23-hole puncher and various staplers are available.