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The standard entry point for questions, problems and Repairs is the Helpdesk. The helpdesk can be reached by phone, web and mail:

  • Phone: urgent questions or problems: telefoon 56666
  • Web: C&CZ/GDI helpdesk website, log in with RU personnel or student number and password for the RU-account.
  • Mail: Helpdesk-ticket

If one knows that the problem has to do with Science servers or deals with a group of pc's, e.g. installed software, then one can also directly contact Postmaster:

  • Urgent questions or problems: telefoon 53535
  • Mail: Postmaster

For special request: the contact person of your study or department. If e.g. you want to keep your Science account for some time, while you do not work or study at Radboud University, C&CZ will only do this after a request from the the contact person of your study or department.