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ChemBioOffice is a multifunctional software package for searching and drawing of molecular structures, 3-D visualisation and molecular modeling, drawing of biological pathways and management of biological data.

Most important elements of ChemBioOffice:

    • ChemDraw: drawing of chemical structures (i.a. name-to-structure tool) and biological components, NMR and MS fragmentation prediction, prediction of physical and chemical properties like ClogP and polar surface area, importing of structures based on name.
    • Chem3D: 3-D visualisation of molecules, rotation, zooming, conformational analysis, molecular modeling and dynamics, both empiric (MM2) and ab initio (GAMESS), orbital visualisation.
    • ChemFinder: searching of molecular structures on the WWW
    • ChemACX: database of commercially available structures
    • BioDraw: application for drawing, sharing, and presenting biological pathways. Common pathway elements (membranes, DNA, enzymes, receptors, reaction arrows, etc.) are built in, and other elements may be imported.
    • BioAssay: manages data from biological experiments. Designed for chemists and biologists working on pharmaceutical, drug or gene research and is of particular value for researchers performing in vivo experiments with complex models, with integration of chemical and biological data.
    • BioViz: transforms the numbers in your database into graphics on your screen. Retrieve or search for a set of compounds, choose the data you want to see, whether it is biological test results in Oracle tables, physical property values calculated automatically or prices in a catalog, and BioViz will generate an interactive window showing a scatterplot, histogram, or other useful data graphic.

The software is actively in use in multiple workgroups within the Science Faculty and in increasing amounts also in the curriculum. Because of the user-friendliness and intuitive use of the software it is highly appropriate for student use. Everyone with an e-mail account ending in or is eligible to download the software and install it 3 times maximum.

In order to download ChemBioOffice, registration at the CambridgeSoft website is required: Then go to and download the software. A serial number will be sent to your e-mail adress.

This text is by Floris van Delft. He is the person to ask questions about the package ().