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The ISC ICT Helpdesk telephone +31 24 36 22222, is your contact for all kind of telephony (speech communication) matters. Examples are group arrangements, voicemail, moving of connections and new connections.

IP Telephony (IPT)

RU phones are based IP Telephony. This is a technique where the telephones are connected to the telephone exchange via the data network. Therefore all fixed phones on campus are IPT devices.

Vodafone Wireless Office (VWO)

The SKU has entered into a contract with Vodafone for use of the Vodafone Wireless Office mobile telephony.


VWO and IPT are alternative telephony solutions for employees. Departments choose per employee/device/location for IPT and/or VWO. On the RU telephony website extensive information about IPT and VWO is available: costs, functionality, manuals, etc. FNWI departmens have a telephony contact person within their department. Applications for VWO are handled by the ISC, who will also provide support.


ISC Telephony management is responsible for the phone bills and gives Science departments detailed insight in their phone costs via E-mail.

The phone and mail guides of the Science Faculty, Radboud University and RadboudUMC are available online.


New connections, moves, cell phones, purchase and cancelling of subscriptions, removals and changing settings can be requested by the telephony contact person of your department. They can send an e-mail to the ISC or use the ISC website. It's no langer necessary to request moving telephones in advance. All Mitel Phones can be moved and plugged into any outlet that's already activated for data (computer, internet). After connecting the phone it wil retrieve its own number and all settings.

By letting the departments manage their own telephone supbscriptions, they can monitor their telecom expenses.

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