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The C&CZ section Telephony management is your first contact for all kind of telephony (speech communication) matters, like group arrangements, Voicemail, repairing the PABX (telephony switch), the phone lines and the digital or analog phones that are supplied by telephony management, subscriptions, moving of connections and new connections. C&CZ Telefoonbeheer is no longer concerned with the provision of mobile telephony, DECT phones, faxes and answering machines.


Call 52666 (or on no answer call C&CZ operations, 56666) or send a mail to Choose the subject 'Problem', so that we know which mails to address first.

New Telephony

IP Telephony (IPT)

The current telephone exchange of the SKU is to be replaced. A new telephone exchange based on IP Telephony has already been installed. This is a technique where the telephones are connected to the telephone exchange via the data network. Therefore all fixed phones on campus will be replaced by an IPT device.

Vodafone Wireless Office (VWO)

The SKU has entered into a contract with Vodafone for use of the Vodafone Wireless Office mobile telephony.


VWO and IPT are alternative telephony solutions for employees. Departments choose per employee/device/location to opt for IPT and/or VWO. This is an suitable moment for departments to review their telephony needs and to reorganize if necessary. On the telephony website extensive information about IPT and VWO is available: cost, functionality, manuals, etc. Through the FNWI telephone contact persons of the various departments, C&CZ will assist the departments with their choice. The migration to IPT and the possible settings are guided by C&CZ. Applications for VWO are handled by GDI who will also provide support.

Roll Out

In the week of 18 June a pilot rollout of IPT starts at C&CZ. If there are no serious problems, the rollout for the rest of FNWI starts two weeks later. This will be done one department at a time and the entire operation will take several months. The VWO service is now available. Departments can contact GDI for subscriptions, devices, and support.

Current situation


C&CZ Telephony management is responsible for the phone bills and gives Science departments detailed insight in their phone costs through a website. The same website can be used by the departments to directly change their entries in the Science phone guide. This can only be done by phone contact persons, usually the secretary. These changes are transferred to RBS within one week provided certain conditions are met (initials, U number etc.). The phone and mail guides of the Science faculty, Radboud University and the UMCN St. Radboud are available online.

Telephony Contact Persons

Not available in English.


Not available in English.

More information

Detailed procedures and manuals are available with information on what telephony management can do for you, conference calls, voicemail, phone directory administration (telmut) and phone manuals.

  • FNWI Telephony contact persons can adjust the guide data at the telmut website, a manual (PDF) is available.
  • Detailed information on calling on campus can also be found at the RU telephony webpage. Who do I talk to when I call the operator? What are those green phones? What can I do with my phone? You can find many answers here!
  • See also: 'Network'

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