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Dit zijn de presentaties voor nieuwe studenten die in de eerste week worden gegeven (beide in het Nederlands):
Dit zijn de presentaties voor nieuwe studenten die in de eerste week worden gegeven (beide in het Nederlands):
* [[Media:FNWI-C&CZ-intro-studenten.pdf|Facultaire ICT faciliteiten]]
* [[Media:FNWI-C&CZ-intro-studenten.pdf|Facultaire ICT faciliteiten]]
* [[Media:BB-voorlichting-FNWI-2011-12-Daniel-Wesche.pdf|Blackboard en studentenportal]]
* [[Media:BB_voorlichting_FNWI_2011-12_Daniel_Wesche.pdf|Blackboard en studentenportal]]

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Computer & Communication Department (C&CZ)

C&CZ is the department of the Faculty of Science that also students should contact when they are dealing with IT, specially when this information technology is used for education and/or research.

Help and information

Presentations for new students

These are the presentations for new students as given in the first week (both in Dutch):

Science loginname and student number

Student portal

Many RU IT applications can be easily accessed through the RU Student portal (in Dutch), which makes it unnecessary to memorize the URL's for KISS, BLACKBOARD, RU prospectuses etc.


  • All @student.ru.nl mailboxes have been moved tot the new RU mail environment Share. For new students of the Faculty of Science, mail sent to @student.science.ru.nl Science E-mail is automatically forwarded, because we do not want to bother new students with a faculty mailbox next to the university mailbox. Because the @student.ru.nl address of a lot of students was unknown, mail was originally forwarded to the mail address that was registered in Studielink. As of the end of September, mail is forwarded to the @student.ru.nl address. If one wants to receive this mail at a different address, one should visit the Do It Yourself website.

PC's and network (including wireless and VPN)

  • PC rooms and study area with Windows PC's as well as Linux workstations.
  • Own laptop, connected to the Internet through the wireless network or with a UTP cable in a network outlet.
  • If on campus a PC lists the B-Fac domain, then one can login with the Science account. Examples are the PC's for all RU-students.
  • Also a PC at home or somewhere else on the Internet can be used. To get access to services to which only PC's of the Science faculty can connect, it might be necessary to use the FNWI VPN-server.

Software, for home use too

The software page contains all info known to us about available software. For all kind of software, Radboud University of the Faculty of Science holds a license contract that makes use of this software free or cheap for employees and/or students, on campus and/or home PC's. Rights of use differ for different software. Most popular is the F-Secure security suite, that can be used freely by employees and students, for home use too. Second place is for Microsoft Windows upgrade and Office, that may be installed/used freely on RU-owned PC's and can be bought cheaply for home use.

Print, copy scan

The Science print/copy/scan facilities can be used by anyone, for printing one needs a Science login. Scanning is free, the costs of printing are deducted from a printbudget, those of copies from a copy card with a magnetic strip. All information about printing, copying and scanning can be found on the links below:

The current Peage project aims to make printing, copying and scanning uniform on the RU campus, starting with students.

Network discs and backups

C&CZ provides network discs and regularly makes backups of the data. There is a restore procedure to get lost files back. If you save files in other locations, like the hard disc of your own PC, then you are responsible yourself for the backup of these data.

  • On the H:-disk that is attached automatically on the Windows PC's in computer labs, one can store 1 GB of data. A campus agreement is that this disk is also available as U:. Other PCs can attach this disk as \\homeserver\loginname. This is the same folder as the Unix home-directory. Use the site DHZ to lookup your homeserver.
  • Apart from the H:-disk maintained pc's also use a roaming profile for which a separate quotum holds of 50Mb.

Telephony and phone/mail/address-directories

Phone contact persons, usually the secretary, of Science departments can change entries in the Science phone guide for their department themselves. One can view online the phone and mail guides of the Science faculty, Radboud University and the UMCN St. Radboud.

There is more info on telephony.