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=== Belangrijke websites ===
=== Belangrijke websites ===
De [http://dhz.science.ru.nl Doe Het Zelf] site.
De [http://dhz.science.ru.nl/ Doe Het Zelf] site.
FNWI [http://horde.science.ru.nl/ Horde] of [http://squirrel.science.ru.nl Squirrel] toegang tot mail via het web.
Het [http://www.ru.nl/student/ KISS]systeem. Internetdiensten studenten.
Het [http://www.ru.nl/blackboard/ BLACKBOARD] systeem voor studenten.
De [http://www.studiegids.science.ru.nl/ studiegids] voor studenten.
=== Login [en][and] email ===
=== Login [en][and] email ===

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Information for students

Belangrijke websites

De Doe Het Zelf site. FNWI Horde of Squirrel toegang tot mail via het web. Het KISSsysteem. Internetdiensten studenten. Het BLACKBOARD systeem voor studenten. De studiegids voor studenten.

Login and email


  • PC rooms with Windows PC's as well as Linux workstations.
  • Own laptop, connected to the Internet through the wireless network or with a UTP cable in a network outlet.
  • Also a PC at home or somewhere else on the Internet can be used. To get access to services to which only PC's of the Science faculty can connect, it might be necessary to use the FNWI VPN-server.

Introduction Computer Usage


  • The introduction computer usage in the Science faculty also contains an introduction to MS-Windows.
  • Information about available software.
  • On the H:-disk that is attached automatically on the Windows PC/terminalroom PC's, one can store 200 MB of data. Other PCs can attach this disk as \\manus\$loginname. This is the same folder as the Unix home-directory. This folder is being backupped automatically.



  • When and how often are backups made of the data on C&CZ managed computers?
  • I lost a file. How can I submit a restore request?

Peripheral hardware

Other things