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  • Problems: Call 53535 or send an e-mail to Postmaster.
  • In case of problems with a Linux or Windows managed PC, C&CZ can login to the PC or connect remotely to the Desktop). It is also possible to demonstrate the problem on the Windows and Linux Front Desk PC's in HG03.055. When you have a laptop/PDA, you can of course also stop by HG03.055
  • Look in windows or unix to see which software is available on the computers managed by C&CZ.
  • C&CZ lends (to students and staff of the FNWI) CD-ROMs of windows, unix or macintosh software with a RU or FNWI license agreement.

All campuslicense software (which can be freely used) can be bought at Surfspot when one logs in with employee/student number and RU-wachtwoord. C&CZ has copies of the most popular software, these can be lent (room HG03.055). The UCI coordinates most RU-wide software licenses, mainly through SURFdiensten and SLIM. Most campuslicense software that can be freely used by students and staff of the Science faculty, can be found in the install directory of C&CZ servers.
It is often possible to install the software directly from the network. On a Windows PC you need to attach the network drive \\multi\install and visit the folder science.
To attach a network drive:

  • Click on Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Windows Explorer.
  • Click on Tools -> Map Network Drive....
  • Choose one of the available Drive letters in Drive: field.
  • At the Path: field type \\multi\install.
  • Click on Ok. Under Unix the software can be found in /vol/install/science.