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To install yourself

  • The ISC maintains a list of RU licensed software.
  • Install-share: a network drive with installable software.
  • All kinds of licensed software (which can also be used at home) can be bought at Surfspot when one logs in with employee/student number and RU-wachtwoord. Departments can order these software packages via the Purchase Department of FEZ. The ISC coordinates most RU-wide software licenses, mainly through SURFdiensten and SLIM.
  • F-Secure: License codes for the F-Secure security software can be found on Radboudnet.
  • The ChemBioOffice software must be installed directly from the site of the supplier.
  • C&CZ lends (to students and staff of the FNWI) DVD/CDs of Microsoft Windows, Unix/Linux or Apple MacOS software with a RU or FNWI license agreement.
  • Software for the RU Concern systems (BASS-Finlog, HRM, ISIS, ...).
  • van Dale dictionaries.

For C&CZ managed computers

  • In case of problems with a Linux or Windows managed PC, C&CZ can login to the PC or connect remotely to the Desktop). It is also possible to demonstrate the problem on the Windows and Linux Front Desk PC's in HG03.055. When you have a laptop/PDA, you can of course also stop by HG03.055