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The department C&CZ

C&CZ (Computers and Communication) is the IT department of the Science Faculty. As IT expert center for scientific research and education, C&CZ supplies all kind of services for departments of the faculty and for its employees and students. These services include hardware and software, networks and telephony, servers and workstations, Windows and Linux. The development of and advice about web/internet services has become an important service. This development usually is based on Open Source. Because of C&CZ's broad area of expertise and activities, services are delivered fast and flexibly. For this reason C&CZ is usually involved in IT-initiatives of departments within the faculty.

More detailed contact information is available.

The management of networks and telephony is carried out by C&CZ on behalf of the UCI. The standard office automation for the service departments is carried out by GDI (GebruikersDiensten ICT). For RU-wide concernsystems CIM is responsible.

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