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  • In case of network problems: telephone +31 24 36 53737,
  • The computer network at the Faculty of Science is managed by C&CZ network management. The ISC is responsible for the connection, through SURFnet, with the rest of the Internet. There are Terms of Use (PDF) for the network.
  • What is my IP number?
  • If some machine needs a static IP address, send an email with the ethernet-address (MAC address), proposal for the machine name, room number (to determine the subnet/Vlan) and a contact person or owner of the machine to Postmaster.
  • Everywhere in the Huygens building one can use the wireless network.
  • The reading room of the Library of Science and the mezzanine has authenticated network outlets. After authentication with U- or s-number on the website to which one is redirected, one has Internet access.
  • Network statistics are maintained automatically for routers and switches in the network. Other network statistics are also available, e.g. the traffic, measured by Surfnet, between Radboud Universiteit - SURFnet.
  • Here is an animated moviewhich gives you an impression how internet traffic is being handled and the kind of devices network packets have to travel through. The size of the animation is about 150 Mb.
  • To connect your network devices to the wall outlet we strongly advise you use utp-cables of the brand Systimax Cat6. These cables are available in the RU Stockroom and can be ordered via BASS (search for "Systimax").
  • Using the Science VPN makes an external computer look like it's directly connected to the campus network.

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