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  • For information about the network at the Faculty, wired or wireless, to report problems, see the Network-page.

World Wide Web

  • C&CZ encourages initiatives of departments and other organizational units within the Faculty of Science to start new WWW services. For students the situation is different.
  • More information is available on the servers that run a Apache HTTP Daemon, which serves one or more WWW sites. Automatically the statistics of the number of hits is registered.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection

  • Primary configuration data: VPN - PPTP via with your Science account name and password.
  • C&CZ has a VPN server with which one can get secure access from the Internet to the faculty network. The PC at home (or anywhere else) becomes part of the campus network. In this way you can get access to services that are usually only accessible to your computer on campus. Examples of such services are connecting to disk shares or logging into shielded servers. We have examples of installation and configuration for
  • To use the VPN server you need a Science account and password.
  • To make a remote desktop connection to an administrative PC, the het noodzakelijk dat het hoofd van de afdeling hiermee instemt, en dit laat weten aan Postmaster.met daarbij de loginnaam en werkplek van de medewerker.


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