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The mail servie

  • Mailmessages can be read and send with different email clients (at the same time).
  • Acces to all mail is possible from all over the internet.
  • When authenticated, messages are accepted (and forwarded) from all over the internet.
  • It is possible to automatically send a vacation message, to configure via the DHZ website.
  • Mail forwarding can be configured also at the DHZ website.
  • Every mail message is processed at acceptance by a simple, but effective antivirus- en antispam- filter.
  • Mailbox sharing between users is possible. This can easily be configured in the webmailers Horde webmail at "Options->Share Folder", or with modern email clients (like Kmail).
  • Also it is possible to share tags for mail, even those you've made up yourself, with other users.
  • With Sieve mail messages can be filtered on delivery at the mail storage server.


One can use a browser like Mozilla or Internet Explorer for reading mail. There are two (independant) websites available:

Using these two webmail applications one can read mail on the mail servers maintained by C&CZ (and others, like CMBI or UCI).

Configuring an email client

How to configure a specific email program:

The imap-server provides a lot of features:

  • accesss to all your email from anywhere on the Internet, including read emails and emails filed in seperate folders.
  • reading the same mail with several email-clients at the same time.
  • it is possible to share emailboxes with other users. This can easily be done with Horde webmail with "Options->Share Folder", or with a Kmail client. It is also possible to share tags for mail, even those you've made up yourself, with other users.


  • On this mailserver it is possible to filter mail with Sieve on delivery. On the old server you needed to do this with a .procmailrc.


It is possible to have automatic reply messages sent when one is not reading mail.

Forwarding mail

Forwarding of mail can be done through the Do-It-Yourself website. See DHZ manual for details.

Spam and virus filter

A simple but effective antivirus and [email_spam_|antispam]] filter is applied on every mailmessage when accepting the message.

Authenticated SMTP

It is possible to authenticate to the mail server with your login name and password. If you use authentication, the mail server will never refuse mail with the error "Relaying denied". So it is possible to use our mail servers from outside FNWI. Without authentication you have to use the SMTP server of your Internet provider to prevent this error. If you own a laptop, you can always use the mail servers of FNWI, both at work and at home, providing you authenticate. The configuration of authenticated smtp for several mail clients is described.

Mailing lists

There are simple lists of mail addresses possible, which can be requested through Postmaster and after that maintained by the owners themselves through The Do-It-Yourself website, but there are also highly configurable and moderatable There are mailman mailing lists, e.g. the list of FNWI-employees or the list of FNWI-students. Usually one can add oneself to or remove oneself from such a mailman mailing list. Every mailman mailing list has a moderator, who can approve or reject messages to the mailman mailing list. For mailman list admins: To filter spam one can choose in the "Privacy options..." under "Spam filters" as "Spam filter regexp:"


and check the radio button "Discard" and hit "Submit Your Changes" on the bottom of the web page.


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