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Information for department contacts

It was agreed that every department/research group appoints a departmental contact person. This person helps his/her colleagues with standard computer and network related questions. He/she is also the liaison between the department/research group and C&CZ.

The department contact may ask C&CZ to create new logins, delete old logins and its files and can request quota changes and network changes.

Users council

When C&CZ needs to hear the opinion of departments about a subject, usually a mail is sent to the mailing list "Gebruikersraad" (User Council). In most cases the department contacts are on that list. In the past the User Council regularly held a User Council Meeting. In these meetings other users were most welcome as well.

Request for login

Requests for logins are possible on line. Only requests by department contacts are executed.

Network changes

Where can I request changes in the network of the faculty?

Archive search

Searching in the archive of C&CZ for pricelists, brochures and so on.

Quota changes

Requests for quota changes.

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