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FNWI Blackboard Helpdesk

Fred Melssen and Maarten de Meijer manage Blackboard for FNWI.

Telephone +31 24 36 25225
Email blackboard at
Opening hours Monday 8:45 - 17:15
Tuesday 8:45 - 15:15
Wednesday 8:45 - 15:15
Thursday 12:00 - 17:15
Friday 8:45 - 12:00

Copyrights and Blackboard

Link to literature with source indication

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please help yourself at If your problem is not solved, c.q. question is not answered please contact

Your u-number password

Probably you know you can ask for a password reset at in case you loose your u-number password. Are you also aware of the possibility to get an activationcode by sms? To enable this functionality please once register two questions at More info on and We strongly recommend this do-it-yourself method.

New course scheduler in Blackboard

The course schedule in Blackboard is renewed. Advantages of the new scheduler are better error handling and nicer layout. A difference between the old timetable and the new scheduler is the new one only shows the schedule of the next 30 days. Please use the calendar at the bottom right to show another period.

Videos and manuals Blackboard 9

Blackboard On Demand Learning Center videos
Working in the Course EnvironmentAnnouncements and Scheduling
Building Course ContentAssignments
Grade CenterTests
Surveys and PoolsEvaluation tools
Using the Discussion BoardManaging Group Work
Blogs and JournalsWikis

Poor Blackboard performance? Use Firefox, IE8, Chrome

The Grade Center can be slow, especially in courses in which lots of students are enrolled. We're working on installing Google Chrome.

Video recorded lectures

The "Video recorded lectures" system of the Faculty of Science has been succeeded by the RU-wide Weblectures.

Get more out of Blackboard: Evaluation tools

Did you see the tools to follow your students behaviour in your Blackboard course already? Please try Control Panel, Evaluation

  • Performance Dashboard: when did students last visit your Blackboard course?
  • Course Statistics: shows all students activity in your Blackboard-course
  • Early Warning System: sends you an email when a student fails an exam, might mis a deadline etc. Might come in handy!

Need some help? Feel free to mail the FNWI Blackboard Helpdesk

Blackboard mail

Three weeks before the course start date the teacher is used to receive an automatic generated mail about Blackboard support. To encourage teachers to read this mail when it contains any news the last modified date is added to the mail subject.

Blackboard 9.1: new version

The Radboud University is using the new Blackboard version 9.1 since this summer. The look and feel and the user friendliness are improved a lot. You might need some help getting used to this new version though. We recommend the following:

  1. the RU Blackboard blog . Tip: In case you search for anything in the blog please start your search here and return to that page for every new search, to be sure to search in the whole blog.
  2. the recordings of the Blackboard 9.1 training in Dutch.

In Blackboard we updated the FNWI tab. You'll see some FNWI links in the left pane and some relevant links per education institute in the right pane, in Dutch only.

You're kindly requested to send any change effecting course guide or teaching load to your education instition, and not just update your Blackboard course according to it.

Please feel free to contact Blackboard support by mail at [] in case you would like some help improving your Blackboard courses or you have some problems in Blackboard anyway.

New Flash player

A new Flash recording player is available in Blackboard. Old recordings can still use the old recording Flash player. The new player supports some extra functions:

  1. Use the button "Wissel Video/Slides" to zoom video or slideshow.
  2. Button "Toon Hoofdstukken" shows a chapter index. You can jump to another part of the viseo using the chapter list or the white button in the scroll bar. This bar colors gray showing the downloading progress. You can't jump to a slide which isn't downloaded yet.
  3. There's a search field on top of the chapter index. You can search for text in the Powerpoint slideshow. This search uses OCR, Optical Character Recognition. The FNWI Multimedia Department strongly recommends to use text and not to use images at the beginning of a slide, to improve the OCR processing.

If your head of the Education Department advices course recording and you agreed on this, recordings will be made available as M4V and/or Flash movie. You can display M4V files in Quicktime, Windows Media Player etc. In case you might decide afterwards you don't want the M4V movies and/or Flash files being available, you're allowed to remove the code linking to these files, choosing Course Materials, Video Recordings in Blackboard. Please realise: your students do appreciate the video recordings very much. Flash MOL079.jpg

Blackboard and the portal

At you'll find the new RU portal. Radboud University expects this site to become the main on-line entrance for students. The portal will show the most recent Blackboard announcements, most recent mail, most recent exam results, news etc. Students can add rss feeds, personalize layout, enrol for courses and exams etc. So, as soon as you realize your students do read your Blackboard announcements in the portal, you can stop sending those announcements by e-mail as an extra service on top of the Blackboard announcement service.

We do consult the Faculty Student Board to discuss the the portal faculty tab contents. In case you got any suggestions for the faculty tab, feel free to E-mail

How do you like the faculty tab in Blackboard anyway? We welcome any ideas on this subject.

In the follwoing printscreen you can see the student portal of a test student in september 2010, enrolled in courses of all faculties. That's why the faculty tab of all faculties are shown. Module Mijn Blackboard shows the 5 most recent Blackboard announcements. Studentenportal.jpg

Fred Melssen 14 aug 2013 13:25 (UTC)