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The Radboud University uses a concern-application BASS-finlog. This document explains how Science staff-members can use it.

Login details and authorization

To be able to use BASS for electronic cost declarations (i-Expense), one needs:

  • a U-number (personnel number). This can be requested from P&O. The corresponding RU-password can be (re)set by C&CZ for Science employees.
  • a budget number (Dutch: kostenplaats). This is available through your department or can be requested from P&C of the Financial Department.

To place orders (i-Procurement) or approve requisitions, one additionally needs:

  • autorisation in BASS/FinLog/Oracle, to be requested (see FAQ).

To order chemicals, one needs to use Tracelab.

The use of this web application requires configuration changes of your computer. The configuration change depends on your network settings, see next step.

This document describes how to use BASS from Windows XP. [1].

Preparing your PC

Java JRE

BASS requires a recent version of the JAVA JRE to be installed on the PC. All C&CZ managed PC's have this installed.

System Configuration

In order to allow BASS to function correctly, it's essential that the so-called hosts file on your system is configured correctly. The location of the hosts file on Windows XP systems is C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc.

At the FAQ section at the bottom of this page, you'll find the location of the hosts file for other operating systems.

The block below shows the IP-address of your computer and the exact contents of what should be in the hosts file. Be sure that it matches the contents of the hosts-file on your computer. Please contact C&CZ to help you to accomplish this, if necessary.

*Important* Sooner or later, all network-segments will be behind the firewall of the RU. You might encounter login problems with BASS. In that case, please have a look at this page again. The section above will always show the current situation for your PC


Now that your PC is configured, let's connect to BASS. There are 3 steps to get in:

Step 1: Bezoek site

Login to the BASS gateway:

Please use your U-number and password. This is the same password you need to access

Admin ru nl.png

Step 2: BASS - RU Productie

Select "BASS - RU Productie".

Admin ru nl afterlogin.png

Step 3: Login again

At this point you'll see a new browser window titled "Welkom op BASS Release 12". Login with your U-number and your BASS password. If you don't have a BASS password, have a look at the 'Frequently asked questions' at the bottom of this page. If your PC is not behind the RU firewall, there will be a third screen popping up, labeled "Forwarder".

Bass ru app.png

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

These questions and answers apply to the use of BASS from within the Science Faculty. For manuals and more information visit the BASS-FinLog site. There's also an official BASS FAQ

Who can answer my questions about BASS-finlog?

The website of the CIF/CFA shows the contact details of the BASS helpdesk.

Request authorizations?

To request authorizations for BASS one has to hand in signed authorization documents. Users cannot request authorizations themselves at the BASS-finlog helpdesk.

Information about this procedure can be found at Authorization request have to be processed and confirmed by FEZ of FNWI.

I don't have a BASS password, how can I set it?

This document contains the new procedure to change the (initial) password. This information can be found at:

Where can I find the 'hosts'-file on my computer?

The location of the hosts file depends on the operating system:

Operating system Path of the hosts file
Windows, 32 bits %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc
Windows, 64 bit %systemroot%\SysWOW64\drivers\etc
Linux /etc/hosts
Mac OSX /etc/hosts

I can't manage to get BASS running on my PC, are there any alternatives?

Yes, you can run BASS from another computer, like the Windows Terminal Server.

Step 3: Where is the new window?

After choosing the BASS - RU Productie option, the Port Forwarder window is shown, but the new browser window isn't. In that case, open the following link in a new browser window:

Technical: Wich subnets have direct access to BASS?

This is an overview of the vlans that are behind the RU-firewall and from which BASS allows a direct connection:

  1. Because BASS is essentially a Java application running from a browser it should function just as well from platforms such as Macs and Linux systems, as well as on Windows 7. In many cases this proves to be true. If it works for you, be happy with it, but if it doesn't please remember that formally the BASS (Oracle) concern applications are supported only on some Windows platforms.
  2. Java Runtime Environment v1.6.0_15