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The Radboud University uses a concern-application called [BASS-Finlog]. An installation/usage manual is available in MS-Word format. Other software, e.g. Java, can be found in the BASS subdirectory of the install directory of C&CZ servers.

BASS-Finlog for Linux/Unix/Mac-users

In order to use BASS-Finlog one needs to have a PC with MS Windows-XP. People with a different Operating System can probably use our Windows Terminal Server as an in-between. First send mail to requesting permission to log in to the Windows Terminal Server (ts1), mentioning your Science loginname.

Afterwards use the command on your Unix/Linux/Mac machine: rdesktop (remote desktop on terminalserver1)

Give in the login-window your science loginname and password

Click OK in the error message "Run-time Error '429': ActiveX component can't create object"

Double-click the BASS-icon and continue as if you are working on an PC with MS Windows XP.

Do not forget to log out when you are ready, in order not to overload TS1.

If it turns out that TS1 will be overloaded, because of heavy use, it will be replaced by a modern server.