Abonnement en gesprekskosten

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The Telecom costs are charged monthly by the ISC to the budget number to which a subscription is registered. All departments with a budget number may take one or more phone subscriptions. They are themselves responsible body for use, directory listings and ending subscriptions c.q. shutdown phones.

In order to make it possible for the departments to monitor the costs and to manage expenses all departments are mailed monthly specifications by the ISC. Untimely canceled subscriptions cannot be corrected afterwards. It is therefore in your interest to regularly (monthly) check the cost specifications just mentioned.

The call charges, of course, depend on usage.

Internal calls (within the campus also at the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre) are free. The use of the existing answering machine functions (voice mail) on campus is also free. Even small adjustments group circuits, function keys menus, traffic classes and the like are free. When you have a subscription, replacement and troubleshooting of the Mitel telephones is free.

Telecom tariffs are determined and published by the ISC. You can find them here: ISC Servicecentrum, Telefonie (In Dutch)