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PPTP VPN is now turned off!

as of december 1st, pptp vpn is no longer available.

OLD: Configuring a PPTP VPN connection in OS X

Information on the new Science VPN can be found elsewhere on this wiki, below you only find how to configure and setup a VPN connection to the **OLD** Science VPN server on a Mac running OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard). In OS X 10.5 (Leopard) the procedure is practically the same. In OS X 10.4 (Tiger) a separate VPN application in the Applications folder is used.

  • Open System Preferences;
  • Choose "Network" configuration;
  • Click on the + in the lower left corner to define a new interface;


  • Choose Interface: VPN, VPN Type: PPTP;
  • Choose a suitable name for the new interface, e.g. "Science VPN";
  • Press Create to return to the Network Preferences pane;
  • A new VPN interface is added to the list on the left, select it;


  • Specify the VPN server name: vpn.science.ru.nl;
  • Enter your Science login name;
  • Select "Show VPN status in menu bar";
  • Press Apply to save the changes;


  • Connect VPN from the VPN icon in the top menu bar;


  • Enter your password in the authentication pop-up;


  • The Network Preferences pane will show the connected status.


Possible causes for the VPN connection to fail:

  • The Internet-connection is not available, check if you can browse the Internet.
  • The VPN connection was not properly configured, verify all configuration parameters.
  • The Science login name and password combination is not valid, try to login on dhz.science.ru.nl to verify.
  • The VPN server is tempoprarily unavailable, ask C&CZ.
  • Your Internet provider does not allow GRE traffic (unlikely).
  • Your broadband router does not support GRE traffic (unlikely).