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All Konica Minolta copiers can be used as copier, printer printer and scanner.

How to use the Konica Minolta scanners?

In order to scan, one has to log in. The PIN code '1111' is authorized for scanning, not for copying. The standard format is 300 dpi auto-color compact PDF. Sometimes this produces incorrect colors, then one can better scan to the much larger PDF format instead of compact PDF.

By pressing the blue copier button, the original will be scanned. Scanning to e-mail sometimes didn't always work on the KM MFPs, now only if the mail is too big for the mail provider. An alternative is scanning to a USB stick. Log in at the MFP with the scan pin, put a document in the feeder or on the document glass, select Scan and then plug the USB stick into the USB port on the right side of the MFP, on the top side. After a few seconds the MFP recognizes the USB stick and presents the choice "Save a document to external memory". Choose OK and press Start. See also [RU manual] on the RU-page about the MFP's.

The addition of a mail-address to the addressbook is quite complicated, so we explain it here in detail:

  • Press the Scan/Fax button
  • Press "Zoeken" in the lower left corner
  • Press "Zoeken" on the right side
  • Type part of the mail address and press "Zoeken starten" in the lower right corner.
  • Select the mail address wanted and press "Registr." on the right side
  • Press the checkmark in the lower right corner
  • Press the checkmark in the lower right corner