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There are three SMARTboards at FNWI.

Type Location Capabilities
SMX885 HG00.071 Wall-mounted, multi-touch, optional parallel projection via the beamer
SMX885 HG00.108 Wall-mounted, multi-touch, optional parallel projectie via the beamer
SD685 HG01.060 Mobile configuration (may be moved only with consent by the AVD), single-touch

All boards are either controlled through the dedicated PC or from your own laptop.

For technical support please contact the Audiovisuele Dienst and C&CZ.

Pilot Project

In 2011 a project was started to investigate in what way so-called 'Interactive Boards' could contribute to the education at FNWI. A pilot project with a few Interactive Boards was started after some preliminary research into the possibilities and options. Our choice for SMARTboard and the rooms where they are installed is explained elsewhere. In February 2012 the boards were installed, they were fully operational in June 2012.


The last few months two in house training days were organised with three sessions of two hours each in which a dedicated trainer instructed a number of FNWI teachers, employees of the supporting staff and the members of the faculty board how to use the SMARTboards. We invite everyone to let us know if you are interested in such a training as well; after a sufficient number of applications (18 or more) we will contact the participants for a suitable date for the next training.


For FNWI students and staff the SMARTboard software which is necessary to make optimal use of the boards and the license keys are available via C&CZ. There is support for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Furthermore all SMARTboards are equipped with a so-called "go wire", a special cable to connect the board to your laptop which eliminates the need to install the SMARTboard software on the laptop beforehand. This is especially suitable for guests; if you plan to use the software more often it is advised to install it on your laptop.


The interactive capabilities of the SMARTboard can be incorporated in dedicated software. As more and more boards are being used in higher education, one expects that more and more SMARTboard enabled software will appear. We are looking for such initiatives in other universities. Pointers are very welcome.


The standard SMARTboard manual is available on the software CD. There is also a manual which explains how to operate the boards and the audiovisual controls.