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Changes in IT services

As of Jan. 1, 2020, the ISC was merged with the university library to form ILS, 1 of the 6 divisions of Radboud Services. As of Sep 1, 2013 the GDI together with the UCI merged into the ICT Servicecentre (ISC).

Four years earlier, on September 1, 2009 GDI (Gebruikersdienst ICT) was formed by combining the former Computer Support Groups (COG's) of the various faculties and clusters of our university. Because of the special role of IT for FNWI, C&CZ continued to exist as the IT service group for FNWI.

Based on a formal decision of the University's Executive Board all standard workstations campus wide were transferred to GDI. C&CZ will remain responsible for all other IT services in this faculty including the dual-boot Linux/Windows pc's in the computer labs.

Migration OBP PC's

The transfer of the PC's of the Personnel Department (P&O) started in September 2011. This project has finished; the P&O and the PC's of the other service departments IHZ, FEZ, CVI, OWC, and FB/Faculty bureau have been transferred to GDI.

Overview service level desktop support

There is an overview of the GDI desktop service in which a comparison is made with the current service by C&CZ. The document also describes which aspects of the support by C&CZ and by GDI are connected and what agreements were made, including a global overview of the migration process. The GDI education/student-PC is described including the aspects which may need extra attention. The report is available in PDF format, in Dutch only.