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  • In case of network problems: telephone +31 24 36 53737,
  • The computer network at the Faculty of Science is managed by C&CZ network management. The ISC is responsible for the connection, through SURFnet, with the rest of the Internet. There are Terms of Use (PDF) for the network.
  • What is my IP number?
  • If some machine needs a static IP address, send an email with the ethernet-address (MAC address), proposal for the machine name, room number (to determine the subnet/Vlan) and a contact person or owner of the machine to Postmaster.
  • Everywhere in the Huygens building one can use the wireless network.
  • Network statistics are maintained automatically for routers and switches in the network. Other network statistics are also available, e.g. the traffic, measured by Surfnet, between Radboud Universiteit - SURFnet.
  • To connect your network devices to the wall outlet we strongly advise you use utp-cables of the brand Systimax Cat6. These cables are available in the RU Stockroom and can be ordered via BASS (search for "Systimax").
  • Using the Science VPN makes an external computer look like it's directly connected to the campus network.

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